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Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooters and Mini-Segways

Our team’s mission is to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information regarding new two wheel self-balancing electric scooters available to you right now.

You can call them by many different names - hoverboards, mini-segways, two wheel scooters, handsfree segways, and smart self balancing scooters. Whatever you name it, hoverboards are the hottest gadget to hit the market and are super fun to ride.

Consumer demand has allowed manufacturers to provide a great selection and different types of self balancing scooters to you. The main reason that mini segways are enjoying a spike in popularity is because they are a great product.

Celebrities and other trendsetters such as Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Stephen Curry, and Tyga have also been spotted riding them around town and getting attention on social media. If you would like to see videos and instagram photos of celebrities riding two-wheel scooters, click on Videos at the top. Once you see how much fun they are, you might just want one for yourself.

Which handsfree segway should I buy?

There are many different options online for you to choose from when you are buying a hoverboard segway. We at Hoverboard.Reviews hope to make the decision to buy a hoverboard segway easier by breaking down the features, differences, pros, and cons of the various hoverboards for sale.

Our website offers hoverboard segway reviews. Different brands of two wheel electric scooters have unique features, price points, benefits, drawbacks, functionalities, colours, speeds, and styles. Making sense of all the technical information may be a bit confusing. If you want to know which hoverboard segway you should buy check out our comprehensive hoverboard segway review section.

The cost of a mini-segway varies anywhere from hundreds to thousands depending on where you buy handsfree segway, what company it is, and what features you prefer. Mini segways are a great choice for those who are looking to have fun riding indoors and for those who are looking to use them as a legitimate transportation device. Mini segways are battery operated and have zero emissions.

Handsfree segways are good for the environment and very functional. Hoverboard segways are charged through a standard outlet with a charger included in the box. On a full charge the hoverboard can go as far as 16 kilometers or 10 miles, although the range depends on several factors such the weight of the rider and the battery capacity, which varies between models of mini-segways.

Handsfree segways are more fun than riding the bus and catch attention more than any other form transportation at the moment. Some two wheel electric scooters even come with built in bluetooth to allow you to listen to music while you make your trip. To see which handsfree segways have bluetooth features check out our Hoverboard.Reviews.

What are mini segways?

Mini segways combine concepts of a segway and a skateboard to effortlessly allow you to move around your home or around town. Most people who see mini segways are unsure as to how it works.

The mini segway is eye catching because it is new, hip, and different. Many mini segways come with built in LED lights that catch the eye and make you stand out from the crowd. Why walk when you can ride on a hoverboard. Hoverboard segways are the hottest transportation device right now and are the future of mobility and transportation.

Although there are differences between different models of handsfree segways, which can be seen in our hoverboard segways reviews, there is one main principle at work with these gadgets.

Mini segways use self-balancing technology that balances the hoverboard for you and makes is very easy and intuitive to ride. Most mini segways use a set of advanced accelerometers to auto-balance the electric scooter. The accelerometer chips sense changes in the rider’s weight on the pedals as they tilt their feel and causes the motors in the mini segway to activate in the direction of movement. It may sound complicated but we assure you it feels as natural as riding a bike and you will be riding your mini segway in no time at all.

How do you ride a segway?

Many new riders may be intimidated by the handsfree segways because they have no clue how they work and how to ride them. First and foremost it is much easier to ride handsfree segways than it seems. Mini segways have two separate motors that respond to the pressure of your feet in different directions to propel you effortlessly.

If you would like to move forwards, you can tilt your feet towards the front of the foot rests which applies pressure to the accelerometers and powers the motors in that direction. To go backwards, you apply pressure in the opposite direction with the heel of your feet. Hands free segways even allow you to do spins and tricks by applying pressure in opposite directions with your feet. Experiment with your segway and you will master is in a few minutes.

Hoverboard segways are constructed with cutting edge technology, materials, and sensory devices. While it may sound complicated, Hoverboard.Reviews can assure you that if we can do it so can you. Take your time and learn how to balance on the mini segway before you get moving. Go slow and build confidence.

Two wheel electric scooters are great for people of all ages. Several models two wheel self balancing scooters even come with instructional DVDs that teach you how to ride your mini segway.

Should I Buy a Mini Segway: Final Conclusion

If you havent noticed we at Hoverboard.Reviews are mad, crazy, mental, and passionate about mini segways. We use them around the office, to get to work, to get groceries, ride with our kids, walk the dog, and ride just for fun. Hoverboard Segways offer great value in transportation. Mini segways are efficient and do not produce any nasty greenhouse gases that damage the environment.

Mini segways are straightforward to use and are self balancing. The built in accelerometers sense your presence on the hoverboard segway and allow you to ride without thinking.

Hoverboard segways are also practical. Unlike traditional segway, handsfree segways free up your hands to carry groceries, books, or other items. Hoverboard segways can also go where bikes, cars, and skateboards cannot, such at schools, malls, or in your home. In spite of offering innovative and cutting edge technology, mini segways are still available for cheap at this time. Prices vary depending on battery capacity, power output, and included features such as security and bluetooth.

We hope that you enjoy using our site to decide which mini segway is best for you. Our hoverboard reviews offer a great resource to help you decide to buy two wheel electric scooters. We test each product for you and outline the benefits and features of each individual model.

Thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to visit our site. If you have any further questions or have feedback for our team, we would love to hear from you.


Hoverboards.Reviews Team


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