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About Us

Learn about the mini-segway team
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Our Mission

At Hoverboard.Reviews, we all come to work because to we want help you solve one of the biggest problems when buying a mini segway online; Which is the best choice for me?

Our team at Hoverboard.Reviews give it our best shot to help you make sense of all the available options by personally testing each mini segway model and providing you with a clear and impartial summary of our impressions through out official hoverboard segway reviews.

How Do We Help You?

Making the right decision when buying a two wheel electric scooter is often obscured for consumers due to targeted marketing from electronics corporations or inadequate information.

Who's on the Hoverboard.Reviews Team?

Our team is made up of enthusiastic, educated, and passionate individuals who have one thing in common - we love hoverboards. In fact it is our company policy that everyone must use a mini segway to get around the office. That last part was made up, but in reality that is just what goes on here.

We Keep It Real

A large part of our mission is to provide you with unbiased reviews based on real life use of the products by us. When not in the office, you can catch us getting groceries, “walking” our dogs, and getting around town using the different hands free mini segways that we review.

How To Reach The Hoverboard.Reviews Team

Engage in the conversation and speak to our team through any of the social media platforms below,
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We would love to hear from you and value your feedback!

Career Opportunities

Stay tuned, as we grow we’re looking to bring more talented and passionate individuals onboard!