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Posted on October 9th, 2015

Why: hoverboard segways

are superior to

full size segways

The new segway hoverboards can be considered among some of the best ground breaking technology for modern day transport. It is a self balancing two wheeled electric vehicle, invented by Dean Kamen. The name segway had been derived from the Italian word “segue” which means “to follow” or a hassle free transition.

This easy to ride vehicle has created a notable space of its own in the market of transportation. Segway hoverboards can be seen in abundance on the campuses, police departments, warehouses, military bases, and all over social media. Users easily get hooked to this vehicle for its convenience and the fact that it runs without gasoline. The full sized Segway with complete handlebars and manual control has given way to this new generation of mini segways, which is built by employing the same highly sophisticated technology.

The introduction of the cheap hoverboard Segway has created quite a stir for its sleek futuristic look and the easy handling of the vehicle. Unlike any high end scooter this version of Segway is devoid of the handlebar or any hand controls. The hands free operation makes it easier for the rider to keep their hands free for carrying books, bags, or any other important things.

Hoverboard segways are shipped with the charging unit and the main body. The body is 27 pounds, which gives it a reliable weight and a sturdy look. There is no possibility of it crashing under you feet or cause any unpredictable accidents. The low weight of the hoverboard makes tt is easy for anyone to carry it to their office, college, or school campus.

The speed can go up to 7 or 8 miles per hour which is actually quite fast in a confined space or on the road. With its great balance distribution it is very easy to maneuver it without any inconvenience. If the user is in hurry this is the best way to reach a short destination at a fast pace. The cheap hoverboard Segway gives a little beep as you go up the speed limit, so that you can judge whether to lessen the speed or not. The average jogging speed of an average person is approximately 4 to 6 miles per hour which is decent enough for you to float your way smoothly to the next destination. At its full charge, segway hoverboards can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, which is pretty impressive.

Even cheap hoverboard segways can carry up to 220 pounds, which enables the rider to carry important files, documents,or even a heavy bag. It is perfectly easy even for a beginner to learn and ride it smoothly in a very short period of time. First it has to be charged fully which takes around two hours. After that, one has to switch the segway by pressing the power the button and carefully step on the rubber surface, placing their feet in the right position for perfect balance. Following that one has to understand the right weight distribution for the perfect ride. Even a nine year old can learn how to ride this in a few minutes. The cheap hoverboard segway is easily affordable compared to a full size segway with handlebars and comes with all the conveniences one desires in a personal transportation device.

A full size old school type of segway can cost up to thousands of US dollars. That is quite the commitment. These segways are also very bulky and will need their own storage space in your home. In comparison, hoverboard segways are much, much cheaper. Many of the hoverboards we have reviewed can be bought for as little as a couple hundred dollars. The newer models of segways are also very small and portable; they can be very easily stored in the closet or under the bed.

The choice between the two types of segways seems clear to us. Both the hands free hoverboard segways and full size segways offer very similar features but at very different price points. Visit our review section to help you narrow down which hoverboard is the best for your needs. Personally, at the moment I can’t get enough of my latest hoverboard segway that has built in bluetooth speakers! This is the one I am referring to - (link).


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