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Cheap Mini-Segway

Are medium-sized mini segways better than cheap mini-segways?

by Hoverboard Reviews

Posted on October 6th, 2015

What defines a cheap mini segway?

Mini segways are electric scooters that are self supported and balanced by two wheels which work like an extension of your own two legs. These mini segways not only work as a convenient, fast, and portable transportation device but also allow you to get around in style and look cooler than everyone else.

Mini-segways are driven two powerful electric motors that work and respond to input from human muscles. The microprocessors implanted in modern handsfree mini-segways react to the functions of your mind as your lean and move your feet on the foot rests.

The gyroscope receptors embedded in the internal components of these mini segways behave like the inner-ear balancing systems of humans. The gyroscopes can acknowledge if the rider is angling their feet forward or backwards and then respond by engaging the motors to maintain the balance of the mini segway. As you get tilt your feet and body in the direction you want to travel the wheels turn towards the direction that provides the largest amount of traction traction.


Electric scooters can move in any directions: i.e. forward, backward, in circles, wherever you like. To move them in a particular direction the rider has to tilt their feet and then proceed. In addition, the mini-segways can also detect the bodyweight of the rider with the help of fluid based sensors and gyroscopic receptors built into them. There are many elements that make medium-sized segways a great alternative to cheap mini-segways:

  • Higher Weight Capacity: Medium sized mini-segways are made from the best and most durable high quality material and as a result can support a heavier weight load than cheap mini-segways. The material used in the manufacturing of the latter ones is of lower quality which restricts the weight supported by them. Check out our in depth product reviews to determine if your choice of mini segway is suitable for your weight.
  • Battery life and Charging Speed: The medium sized mini-segways take less time to get fully charged and have great battery life. In contrast, the cheap mini segways takes more time to charge and the battery lasts considerably shorter. The convenience of a longer battery life is something you will definitely want to consider as it means less time waiting for charge and more time enjoying the riding experience.
  • Speed: The maximum speed of a medium sized mini-segway is about 10 miles or more with a fully charged battery. If we compare the speed of medium sized mini segways with cheap mini segways, the the max speed is considerably slower for the latter variety. The maximum speed of handsfree mini segways can be limited by several factors such as the weight of the rider and the charge or the battery. Several models of mini segways can alert you when the battery is is getting low with a sound, allowing you to recharge and get better performance.
  • Ease of use: The spacious width between the high-grip footboards in medium sized mini segways enables you to get stable instantly. The user manual provides detailed instructions and guides you throughout the process. If you try heartedly then you can master it in 10 minutes. No matter what your age or experience level, hands free segways are easy to learn and ride on.
  • Silent Ride: With the help of self balancing technology, hoverboards are not only easy to ride but also perform almost noise free. The super quality of the best mini segways allows better control, manages the noise produced, and enhances the user experience. The noise produced by cheap mini-segways is comparatively higher than medium sized mini-segways.

These amazing devices can be used for various purposes like travelling to the office, going to the market, strolling with your dog, and hanging out with friends. The quality of mini segways varies should be ensured before comparing the prices. Our reviews of the latest and best medium sized mini segways offer a great free resource to compare the advantages of different segways that are available for sale currently.

The quality of the mini segway you purchase matter for longevity and for performance. It is often beneficial to spend a little more on the features and performance you desire but there are great options available if you are looking to buy a cheap mini segway.


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