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83% for Style
90% for Battery Life
90% for Comfort
94% for Practicality
95% for Price

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CoolReall Self Balancing Scooter

HOVERBOARD.REVIEWS Official Product Review of The CoolReall mini segway.


Today on the agenda we will be tackling the Coolreall Self Balancing Scooter review, also known as the Coolreall Dreamwalker, or electric hoverboard. This newcomer to our site and the market has been thoroughly put through use and abuse to determine if you should spend your hard earned money on this product.

On first impressions, we were very happy with the design, construction, and most importantly the battery life. We used the Coolreall Self Balancing Scooter for over three weeks and did not have any deterioration in performance or battery charge.

How do hoverboard segways work?

The Coolreall self balancing two wheel scooter automatically balances the rider with the built in direct drive motors and most importantly the built in sensors. Gyroscopes near the wheels and sensitive pads under your feet sense your weight and position on the board and move the wheels accordingly. Unlike old school traditional segways, you only use your feet to control the device. The lack of handlebars on the mini segway scooter frees up your hands to carry items and also makes the hoverboard segway much more portable.


Premium LG Battery

The most impressive thing that we observed the the Coolreall Self Balance Board Segway was the impressive performance of the battery. The majority of the mini segways that we have reviewed, but not all of them, are manufactured with Samsung batteries. The Coolreall hoverboard is for sale with an LG battery. We are not in a position to definitively say which company is better as a whole, but we did observe that the battery in this model lasted over ten hours on some charged. That is very impressive and means that you can sometimes go days or a whole week without charging the battery.

The amount of time that the battery in your handsfree segway lasts depends on several factors. If you’re wondering what the best battery life in a self balancing hoverboard segway is, consider this. The length of charge depends on your weight; the lighter you are the longer the battery lasts. The terrain you traverse also affects the charge; the flatter the terrain the longer the battery lasts. The speed at which you decide to ride also affects battery life. Just like in your car, if you drive faster, more energy is consumed by the device and the battery life will be shorter.

Durable Construction

Since electric segway scooters have become available to the public, some people have had complaints that the transportation devices scratch easily. If we compare the Coolreall Self Balancing Scooter to other hoverboards we have reviewed, it is apparent that the finish on the hoverboard segway is more durable than others. This may be due to the plastics used or the paint finish. If you are concerned about visible scratches on your two wheel self balancing handsfree segway, we recommend a colour like black or a segway that has a colourful or crazy design to mask the scratched. Another great to keep the segway board looking fresh is to just take your time and master is before taking it outside. The majority of the damage occurs early in their lifecycle due to rider inexperience. Take your time to learn to ride and don't rush it.

If you’re wondering how to ride a hoverboard mini segway check out our detailed article on the issue

Very Bright LED Lights

The Coolreall Two Wheel Self Balance Electric Hoverboard stands out from other brands with the LED lights on the front of the device. The deep blue/magenta LED lights built into this mini segway scream premium quality.

Unlike other devices the LED lights made everything visible for us even at night and definitely draw attention to the rider. The bright led lights are not only for style though. Bright LED lights on CoolReall mini segway scooter increase rider safety by making other people and cars aware of the person in charge of this transportation device.


The manufacturer website states that the Coolreall Self Balancing Scooter Two Wheel Self Balance Electric Segway has a top speed of 8 km/h. Were not sure if the units got lost in translation or what the issue was because we tested the scooter to go up to 12-13 km/h.

It may be hard to imagine how fast that is if you have no reference point. Once you are riding your self balancing mini segway you realize how fast that really feels. That speed is almost three times faster than most people walk. When you ride electric hoverboards you can get places very quickly, while having loads of fun, and looking fresh.

Owner Response

The preferred place to buy the Coolreall Self Balancing Scooter is Amazon due to the warranty you receive and the guarantees that Amazon retailers offer. The Coolreall hoverboard segway is one of the most popular mini segways for sale at the moment. The average rating for the transportation device is an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars. The majority of people are very satisfied with their self balancing mini segway from Coolreall and you will be too once you see how much fun it is to ride and how little maintenance is required. Currently the manufacturer is offering great sale on hoverboard segways, which is good news for everyone.


  • Premium LG battery. One of the longest lasting batteries we have reviewed so far. The battery also charges very rapidly, which was convenient.
  • Great warranty. The manufacturer and Amazon give you peace of mind with a one year comprehensive warranty. If something is malfunctioning or there is a manufacturers defect, you just have to contact the seller and they will take care of you.
  • Solid construction
  • Durable finish. The paint and the plastic were found to resist scratches and keep looking new for longer
  • Deep blue LED lights that shine bright, illuminate the way, and keep you visible at night.


  • The speed is fun but not the fastest hoverboard segway we have seen so far. Great for kids.
  • Weight limit of 220 pounds
  • Limited availability - the manufacturer is often on backorder and it may be difficult to obtain your mini segway hoverboard.


We would like to end the Coolreall Self Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Review by saying that we were very happy with the overall riding experience of this mini segway. Most impressive was the battery life, which saved us a few stop over at home and allowed us to ride this electric two wheel scooter for up to ten hours.

This hoverboard segway showcases impressive features at a great price. We hope Coolreall keeps manufacturing new products because we have been impressed with the quality of their workmanship so far.

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