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81% for Style
85% for Battery Life
87% for Comfort
90% for Practicality
98% for Price

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EROVER Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters Electric Drifting Board Personal Adult Transporter with LED Light

HOVERBOARD.REVIEWS Official Product Review of The EROVER electric scooter hoverboard segway.


Thank you for joining us for another installment in the mini-segway review series where we try and figure out what is the best handsfree segway for sale right now. With all the different options and models of mini segways for sale on the market, it may be difficult to determine which mini segway is the best for you.

With the following review of the EROVER Two wheel smart balancing scooter and other segway reviews available on our site, we hope that Hoverboards.Reviews can help you make the best decision possible when you buy your new electric scooter.

Let’s get to finding out why the EROVER two wheel scooter is one of the best hoverboards for sale right now. Ever since the EROVER has been available for sale, it has been one the most highly trending and popular mini-segways for sale and for good reason. The EROVER self balancing segway offerers a grear riding experience, is made of quality materials, and is available for sale.

What do you get?

When you buy your EROVER hoverboard you will receive the segway itself, a charger, and owner’s manual. The EROVER electric scooter skateboard we received arrived within one week when purchased from the seller listed this mini segway review.

Our team at Hoverboards.Reviews found this electric scooter to be one the easiest and most intuitive mini segways to ride compared to other hoverboard segways we have tried. To start riding the hoverboard, you just have to place one foot on the segway, wait one second and step on with the other foot.

The EROVER self balancing scooter comes with two gyroscopes built in that balance the board for you in real time and make it safe and easy to ride for people of all ages. In addition the EROVER electric scooter contains two motors that propel you at a speed of up to 10 miles per hour.

Features of the EROVER mini segway

Available in a many different beautiful colors, One of the things that we wanted to mention right of the bat in this hoverboard segway review is that the EROVER stands out from other two wheel scooters we have reviewed due to the sheer number of amazing colors you can choose from when you are looking for an electric scooter for sale. The EROVER comes in 8 stunning colours that you can choose to match your style, personality, and swag. If you’re tired of all other hoverboard segway companies offering their segways in bland and dull colours, the EROVER mini segway is for you. If you would like to see what colours are available in this hovertrax for sale, take a look for yourself here.

Easy to Ride:

When doing the EROVER mini-segway review, we loved how fun and easy it was to ride. We think that most people will learn to ride the segway in the first few minutes and will not want to let go of it. However, just like riding a bike we recommend you practice before going out into traffic or other busy areas. To start moving simply tilt your feet in the direction of travel and the handsfree segway will do the work for you.

Fast Charging Battery:

The EROVER has a very fast charging battery compared to some other electric scooter for sale. One you receive your hovertrax you can charge it to full battery within two hours. The battery on the EROVEr solo wheel is a 36 Volt, 4 ampere lithium ion battery. The driving range for the EROVER mini segway is an amazing 10 miles or 16 kilometers. It is important to keep in mind that how far you can go depends on several factors. The range of the mini segway depends on driving speed, riding weight, terrain, and style of riding. Hoverboards.Reviews found that the battery lasted the longest when the hovertrax was used on a flat surface such as a typical road.

Great Value:

The EROVER is a great choice if you are looking to start riding a mini segway now and you want to get your hoverbard segway for cheap. At just over 300 $US the EROVER handsfree segway offers the same features as other mini segways that cost over a 1000 $US but you can get this mini segway cheap. If you would like to get the best deal on mini segway by purchasing directly from the manufacturer, the EROVER self balancing electric drifting board is available here.

Owner Response:

The EROVER is one of the most popular personal transportation electric scooters for sale in 2015. There has been great demand for this hoveboard and people are loving it. The owner reviews have been mostly five star and people have been very impressed with the quality of this hoverboard. If you would like to read the review of two wheel scooter, specifically the EROVER mini-segway, they can be seen here.


Great value amongst all the other hoverboard segways for sale. Amazing selection of 8 different colours to choose from. Comes with protective bumpers which keep your handsfree segway looking fresh. An easy to ride handsfree segway that is intuitive to use and so much fun to master. Fast charding mini segway. The battery on this electric scooter is fast charging and long lasting. Proven and reliable warranty.


The EROVER mini segway is meant for dry weather and like other segways it is not well suited for rain or snow. No bluteooth integration. The lack of bluetooth on this models means that you cant stream music or videos from your electric scooter unlike other models. Bluetooth is must have for some people when it comes handsfree segways. If you are looking for a mini segway with bluetooth, check out this hoverboard segway review to see how it stacks up. The EROVER two wheel self balancing hoverboard has been a best selling electric scooter, for many reasons. The EROVER has a great battery, killer looks, cool colours, long lasting battery and its is a fast mini segway.

One of the things that you and your wallet will love too is the low price The EROVER is sure to be on the top of more than a few christmas shopping lists in the next few years and it’s easy to see why, it's one of the best mini-segway's.

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