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80% for Style
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80% for Comfort
85% for Practicality
95% for Price

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HoverBoost Hoverboard 2015 Two Wheels Self Balancing Smart Electronic Hands Free Scooter

HOVERBOARD.REVIEWS Official Product Review of The Hoverboost electric scooter mini segway.


This installment of our in-depth review series will focus on one of the best value electric hoverboards that is currently available this holiday season. The HoverBoost hoverboard offers an impressive assortment of premium features that is available at an amazing price.

The Hoverboost balance scooter is manufactured is distributed in North America by an American company and is manufactured in China. At this time, the self balancing scooter is at the top end of the top seller list on Amazon. The HoverBoost smart balance scooter is popular among consumers because of the amazing performance of the transportation device and the low, low price.

After using the hansfree segway for over a week we strongly believe that the Hoverboost is a great choice for those looking for a 6.5 inch wheel mini segway with top end speed performance in mind. We'll talk a bit more about that later in the review. The main competitors to the HoverBoost are the CoolReall Self Balancing Scooter and the Erover Hoverboard. The features that are available with these products are very comparable but the Hover Boost has the upper hand in terms of price.

Technical Specifications for the HoverBoost Hoverboard

Product name Available Colors Wheel Size (Diameter) Weight Capacity Remote Activated Bluetooth Enabled Product Weight Maximum Speed Average Rating (Amazon) Charge Time Driving Range
HoverBoost Black, White 6.5 inches 220 Lbs 22 Lbs 10 mph 4.0 stars 1 - 2 hours 12 - 15 miles

HoverBoost Features

High Capacity Battery

The newest 2 wheel balance scotoers from the company that manufactures the Hover Boost segway feature a powerful 4.4 Amp rechargeable battery. The battery can be fully recharged in as little as one to two hours and will last longer than you expect it to.

The manufacturer also test the lifespan of the batteries they use in their products and this two wheel balance scooter has battery lifespan of 1000 charges. Thats one less thing that you will have to worry about. The hoverboard segway is sure to keep performing when you need it to. Furthermore the distributor the product has included a US backed one year warranty that protects you in case you product is defective or is not performing as advertised.

High Climbing Angle

If you are unfamiliar with what the climbing angle is, it the the maximum slope that a self balancing scooter can drive up with you on it. The Hoverboost two wheel balancing scooter has a climbing angle of 15 degrees, meaning it can take up you high slopes without any drop off in performance or comfort.

The climbing angle of a electric scooter should be important consideration when you are purchasing your transportation device. Those products that have a climbing angle below 10 degrees become very cumbersome when being used around town. Segways with powerful motors are able to take you up steep hills without you getting off the product or burning out the motors.

Driving Distance Range

When you finally get to using your hoverboard, the last thing you want to do is take it back to your home and recharge it every hour. The HoverBoost mini segway has a maximum driving range of 12-15 miles. That's honestly pretty amazing. Think about it you can charge the device in an hour and use it for that long distance. Rinse and repeat

Many people who have started using self balancing scooters have experimented in using them as a legitimate means of transportation with great success. A high driving range allows you to take the scooter to and from work, on errands, or even if you just want to ride for fun longer.

One Piece Durable Rubber Tires

Unlike other hoverboards that use air filled tires, this particular version uses one piece solid rubber tires. The tires absorb bumps and cracks in the road very well and offer a comfortable ride for the users. In addition there is never a worry about puncturing the tires and being stranded away from your residence with a flat. Compared to hand free segways with larger air filled tires, the Hoverboost offers a more sporty ride but is not as good as traveling offroad and over severely uneven surfaces.


  • Warranty - the warranty for this product is backed by a company from the United States and is available for one year. Extended protection plans are available for this product on Amazon.
  • Fast Charging Battery - nothing more annoying than waiting for the battery to charge before being able to use your device. The Hoverboost charges in 1 - 1.5 hours.
  • Durable Construction - the scooter is made of durable materials and the paint resists scratches.
  • Range - being able to drive for 15 miles is seriously impressive, you will probably get tired before it dies.
  • Zero Turn Radius - this thing turns on a dime and is great in tight spaces or for use indoors
  • Powerful Dual Motors - two 250 Watt motors can get you up to a speed of 10 miles per hour. Helmets recommended.
  • LED Power Indicator - the top of the scooter shows an intuitive battery display that warns you when you should head home to recharge. This feature has saved us in the past.


  • No available Bluetooth - one of our favorite features is lacking here. With other hoverbaords you can use the on board speakers to play music. Not with this one.
  • Not Water Proof - make sure to check where you are going, and avoid bodies of water
  • Limited Color Selection - currently made available in black and white

Final Word

All things considered, the HoverBoost Hoverboard two wheel balancing smart scooter is a great mid level choice. The mini segway checks most of the boxes for what people are looking for. It has great looks, a fast top speed, and a fast charge time. The best thing though is that its currently the cheapest hoverboard for sale today.

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