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Monorover R2 Mini-Segway

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The Monorover R2 Hands Free Segway


This is an in-depth review providing you a nonbiased review of the monorover r2. We will begin by taking a look at its overall appearance following through with the technical and practical pros plus cons of owning the monorover r2. Reviewing the monorover r2 is something out of a movie, owning one of these is truly like living in the future.

Features of the Monorover R2

Style Review of the Monorover R2

Did I mention this looks like it’s the future? The monorover r2 is decked out with an interface, a power display, bright LED lights, super grip tires and nonslip pedals. Although I’m not really sure I would call them pedals as they are more like platforms that you balance your weight on in order to control your very own hover board!

monorover r2 has rims resembling modern vehicles with a beautiful LED lights blinking as you zoom around on your hover board, this is definitely an eyecatcher that takes personal transportation to a new level.

Practicality of the Monorover R2

These hover board are weighing in at 27 pounds or 12 kg depending which part of the world you’re from. This is equivalent to holding a baby. Yes, this is going to be your new baby because you will love it. This lightweight hover board is portable and self balancing. It’s eco-friendly with its pure electric design which not only makes it quiet but easily reusable over and over again. Due to the fact that it’s electric that is limited to a range per charge. A typical charge will take you anywhere from 17 up to 20 km before you have to carry your baby. If you really take your time in ideal conditions you are able to squeeze 30 km out of this hover board.

The monorover r2 can be used daily for your commute to work or school with that safe speed of 12 km an hour which is about 7 miles an hour. Small obstacles tend to be fairly easy to avoid with its 15° climbing capability. They overall versatility and maneuverability makes this very practical, a great example is its 0° cornering abilities. That is what you call turning better than on a dime, not something you’re very often but then again were in the future. The dimensions are roughly 7.25” x 7” x 23” making this small enough to use practically everywhere.

Brand-new out of the box it will only take you a few hours to charge your hover board. This basically gives it a fair ratio of charge to play time. The electricity is powering two wheels, two motors with double balancing computers onboard keeping your balance. Simply take your time stepping 1 foot at a time onto the platforms/pedals.

The stylish rims and tires sit at 7 inches off of the ground, supporting up to 100 kg in weight, that’s roughly 224 pounds.

In terms of being able to operate this hover board, as long as you can walk you should be able to master the monorover r2 faster than you think. You got this.


Practical and Small
as stated previously, the small size makes it practical for almost any occasion or situation. 0° turning radius allows you to easily maneuver around various obstacles and slopes. The lightweight makes it easy to carry around. The compact size makes it ideal for personal transportation.

You don’t have to work a long time towards the future to be in the future with monorover r2. Being savvy and purchasing online through websites such as Amazon allow you to get this at an affordable price. I got my hover board cheap compared to local retailers and not to mention it was shipped to my door free of charge.

if the futuristic rims doesn’t grab your attention, the LED lights will. This personal transportation revolution is also a fashion statement. Basically what I’m saying is you are not cool if you don’t have one.

because this is environmentally friendly and powehover board by electricity as most things from the future, you can barely hear this thing once it gets going. Since this could be classified as an electric scooter, those “move out of my way” bells are sold separately.


Weight Restriction
Unfortunately you have to be under 224 pounds or 100 kg in order to be able to ride monorover r2. Let’s turn this negative into a positive by using this as motivation to get into better shape and use monorover r2 as a reward at the end of the journey.

Learning Curve
As everything in life, the future also has a learning curve. The monorover r2 could take a complete amateur up to 15 minutes to get a hang of. Technically that’s nothing compared to the time you’ll be saving using monorover r2 as everybody else uses prehistoric legs to get themselves around.


The monorover r2 is a great purchase providing you a lot of bang for buck. It’s affordable and built with quality you expect from a premium product. That’s right, you get to hold onto your piggy bank!

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