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Moonet X8 2nd Generation Two Wheel Scooter Review

HOVERBOARD.REVIEWS Official Product Review of
The Moonet X8 Smart Electric Scooter 2nd Generation Segway


Welcome for another official review brought to you by the team at Hoverboards.Reviews. This time around we are very excited to introduce a product that we are very thrilled about, a very very electrifying and unique hands free segway electric scooter that had just come for sale on the market, Moonet X8 two wheel scooter from Moonet.

This second generation hands free segway from Moonet has just come on sale as recently as July 22, 2015 in North America. The two wheel scooter has some of the best features that we have seen on self balancing scooters to date. This is a completely new experience and a game changer in the mini scooter business.

The Moonet X8 scooter allows you to explore your city and express yourself through your transportation by putting wheels on your skateboard. The two wheel scooter Hoverboards.Reviews if showcasing today is different from most self balancing mini scooter boards on market because the rider is able to ride their scooter sideways instead of facing forwards.

The Moonet X8 2nd generation of electric scooters exhilarates the rider by allowing them to wind in and out of your urban landscape and show everyone what kind of tricks you can do on this handsfree balancing scooter. If you are looking to challenge yourself, this is the mini scooter for you.

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Features of the Moonet X8

Independent Wheels

The scooter has two wheels that are linked by a flexible connecting bar. The wheels on the scooter allow the rider to do amazing 720 degree spins and tricks. The powerful wheels can traverse hills, short grass and also be ridden indoors.

The Moonet X8 scooter is also efficient because it does not require power to start moving, you simply do it by leaning with leaning in the direction that you want to travel. The independent wheels on this cheap balancing scooter allow you to perform tricks and express your individuality as you ride.


There is one important factor in relation to new mini segway scooters that we have not talked about yet. The best thing about the 2nd Generation two wheel scooter from Moonet is how cheap this balancing scooter is. Right now you can buy the handsfree segway for the low price. If you are looking the the best value self balancing power scooter right now, click here to be directed to the best price for this electric mini scooter.


The Moonet X8 Scooter is one if the smallest and lightest scooters that we have seen to date. The X8 scooter weighs only 8.8 pounds lbs and is easy to carry around and take it to places where you can enjoy riding your new mini scooter. The Moonet X8 skateboard scooter also folds up and can be easily disassembled if you want to be an even more compact and portable electric scooter.

Great for new riders

The X8 electric hoverboard comes with a free instructional CD that shows everyone of all ages to learn how to ride two wheel electric scooters. The clear and easy to read instructions show how you can have fun and express yourself in your neighbourhood unlike from everyone around you. Be an individual and be the first one to own your personal unique and new mini scooters 2015. The Moonet X8 is for sale for cheap at the best price from Amazon

First Impressions:

This product is very new to the market of electric hoverboards and mini two wheel scooters in 2015. So far the scooter is very unique and exclusive. Only a handful of people, including us at Hoverboards.Reviews, have enjoyed this self propelled skateboard scooter. The Moonet X8 is more fun that a skateboard and easier to ride only you learn how.

Like all new exciting transportation gadgets, this mini scooter, has a short learning curve before you can be really good at the craft of riding the Moonet X8. Using the included free instructional DVD with this scooter, you can show everyone how the future of hoverboards looks like in 2015. Inspired by the movie Back to the Future, this cheap balancing scooter is a brand new style of segway.


  • The best price electric mini hoverboard segway available at this time
  • A whole new riding experience
  • Portable design and construction allow you to ride this self balancing scooter anywhere you want
  • One of the lightest designs for any scooter means less bulk and a smoother ride
  • Long lasting battery life and fast charge scooter
  • Fun for both experienced skateboard riders and people new to scooters, or anyone looking to have fun with the wind in your hair
  • The zero degree turn radius also allows you and your kids to ride the mini hoverboard scooter carefully indoors
  • Free instructional DVD that teaches you how to be safe on the power scooter from Moonet


  • The Moonet X8 scooter skateboard is great for those that love to challenge themselves physically but has a learning curve.
  • The weight limit on the Moonet X8 is 90 kg. Great for most riders, but a consideration nonetheless.
  • There is some very easy assembly of two parts when you receive your new hands free segway. The instructions make it clear and it's not a big deal.


This is no doubt one the coolest mini scooters that Hoverbards.Reviews has seen to date. The new riding experience, the overall portable build, and the great value for this two wheel electric scooter makes it a great choice.

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