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Posted on October 7th, 2015

History of Segway Sales

New Hampshire based Segway Inc. is the manufacturer of the Segway PT (personal transporter) which is basically a self balancing vehicle with 2 wheels. This electronic vehicle was invented by Dean Kamen and the name Segway is derived from the Italian word ‘Segue’ which means ‘follows’. Segways are becoming increasingly popular in niche transportation markets and is generally used by the police departments and army. Industrial sites and corporate campuses also make effective use of the Segway PT. Segway sales can be easily found on a number of online stores including amazon and ebay.

This personal transporter was first unveiled in December of 2001 at Bryant Park in New York. After months of anticipation, people were finally able to catch a glimpse of this device on Good Morning America and the process of production commenced in 2002. Dean Kamen along with other venture capitalists were the first owners of the company. However within just a few years private investors took control of Segway Inc and Kamen voluntarily gave up all control. Before being unveiled Segway PT was known as Ginget IT. The story of the discovery, financing, and production of Segway has been made into a book called Code Name Ginger written by journalist Steve Kemper. In 2009 Segway was acquired by Jimi Heselden, a British millionaire, but after his death within one year of the purchase the company went into the hands of Summit Strategic Investments LLC. In April 2015 Segway was acquired by China based Ninebot Inc.

People trying to find segways for sale on the internet need to check out where they can find lots of new hoverboard segways for sale and read our full reviews of each model. The two wheel self balancing electric scooter board is the last mini segway which is already up for sale on amazon. New mini segways are built with two motors, two wheels and can be perfected really fast. Moreover the double balancing system of this small and lightweight device helps the user keep the right balance at all times. The Segway self balancing smart electric scooter is able to propell the rider at a speed of up to 10 miles per hour.

One of the most popular segway for sale is the smart balance wheel mini segway, which can be mastered in a day or two even by someone who hasn’t been on a bike before. This high end personal transporter would give you a speed up to 15 km/h just on a single charge. Just like the eco friendly cars such models of mini segway allow the battery to charge up on its own while slowing down or while moving downhill.

The utter simplicity of this device is expected to create waves in the market and revolutionize the very market of personal transportation. In order to move ahead you just need to lean forward and to stop or slow down you just have to lean backwards. Turning right or left is just a matter of leaning right or left. For more information on segway sale and read about upcoming models of segway mini hoverboards please keep visiting our website at


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