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90% for Style
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90% for Price

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Skque 10" Two Wheel Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights + 44,000mAh battery pack

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Skque electric self balancing scooter segway


Review of Balancing Wheel FREE Remote, Skque 10" Two Wheel Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights with LG/Samsung/Sanyang/Panasonic 44000mAh battery pack.

Skque has done it again and again, take a basic mini segway and turn it into something stylish and practical! This mini segway hoverboard is for sale and lucky for you it’s the leading electric self balancing scooter in it’s class.

We’ve reviewed the Skque mini segway earlier this month and received the privilege to take a look at its bigger brother, the hands free segway. Hoverboard Reviews will be reviewing this electric self balancing scooter and provide you direct quality unbiased reviews of its features.


Let’s get down to business, the Skque team takes this stuff serious. We’re starting by looking at the core functions of the hoverboard from the future, how it actually works; The onboard computer essentially takes the guesswork out of riding the mini segway, all you have to do is step on one pedal platform, wait for the LED long life light to turn green and step onto the other platform pedal as you stand upon the future, you will truly see what you’ve been missing!

The self balancing wheels are powered by electricity, that’s right -- it’s rechargable within only one to two hours! The 44,000 mAh battery is no joke, powering the combined 500W electric motor up to speeds of 6.2 miles per hour, thats ten kilometers per hour at your disposal. The smooth mini segway acceleration combined with the stable hoverboard deceleration makes this electric scooter the right choice for the daily commuter.

The stylish designs add on to the already eye catching and jealousy inducing hands free segway, the bright LEDs create an opportunity for something you have to cross off your bucket list; night hoverboarding. The bright LEDs strategically built into the segway make it possible for you to ride your hoverboard at night with full visibility. Not only is it possible, but it’s a lot of fun!

While you’re out on your electric scooter night cruise, why not use the built in bluetooth to play music from your phone or bluetooth compatible device to make it a party on wheels. Living in the hoverboard future does have it’s downsides, the hands free segway cannot fly. Instead, it uses two ten inch segway wheels to provide you a comfortable and ergonomic ride.

The segway battery life is surprisingly long, allowing you to use it for hours on end and more than enough to get you to work, around work, and back home smoothly. You’ll regret not getting this sooner.

You’re not limited to a single colour electric scooter, you’re not even limited to just color; patterns are available such as graffiti, marble and musical notes. The musical notes are a nice touch to the built-in bluetooth speaker self powered by the self balancing electric scooter.


One of the leaders in choice of style, providing you a variety of colours and designs to choose from. If you’re looking for style, you found it. From the wireless remote control to the quality built in speaker, this is the complete cruising package.

Large Chassis
This mini segway is actually something in the middle; it’s not exactly small and isn’t large enough to be considered a full size segway quite yet. Ideal for a stable ride without compromising size.

Strong Battery
Fantastic battery, with a quick charge and a long range battery, we’re sure you’ll be riding long enough to get yourself from A to B and back to A again!

Wireless Remote Control
We’re big fans of the included wireless remote control, this ergonomic feature makes it super easy to turn the electric mini segway on and off at will.


Built-In Speaker
Not everybody around you may have the same taste in music, but if they don’t, this speaker is loud enough to put the other mini-segways to shame. Too bad for them!


Hoverboard Reviews takes pride in providing unbiased reviews of the best mini segway hands free electric scooters online. What’s our opinion? We fell in-love with the medium sized Skque. Skque has impressed us again, they did a fabulous job taking the mini segway to another level with its comfort and sizel. The LED bulbs, wireless-remote, quality speaker and Bluetooth-enabled from factory standard truly sets Skque well above the competitors.

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