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Skque Balancing Smart Scooter with Remote Bluetooth Speaker and Front LED Lights

HOVERBOARD.REVIEWS Official Product Review of The Skque electric scooter hoverboard segway.


The Skque is simply unmatched; Depends on where you’re from, this thing is known as the best of all hands free segway's for sale. We will be reviewing this two wheel scooter and providing you quality unbaised hoverboard reviews!

Detailed Review of the Skque

We begin by taking a deep dive into the features of this hoverboard, with bluetooth toping the list of the impressive features. The bluetooth hoverboard syncs to your phone to play music from your mini segway without a cable, completely wireless. The built in mini segway speakers provide quality bass, treble and mids; that’s English for a hovering party!

You’ll regret not getting a mini segway with bluetooth, you can play your music or even watch a movie from your bluetooth capable device as your scooter’s electric charge propels you into the future.

Partying late? No problem! This mini segway has the ability to ride at night; the built in LED running lights project tons of light around you, we’re talking 360 degrees. The future is here, it’s the future of self transportation, a cheap balancing scooter.

You can’t go wrong with the Skque, you’ve got music, lights and it runs on electricity. The rechargeable battery has a 44,000 mAh badboy, that’s enough juice to get you to work and back home to change before using your mini segway to hover over to the party.

Parking is easy with it’s light weight, slim stylish design and wireless remote control. Oh, you didn’t know about Skque? It comes standard with a wireless remote, providing you a wireless power button to turn your mini segway hoverboard on and off. This may sound excessive but in terms of having an ergonomic electric scooter, it makes total sense.

You will regret not spending the extra buck on these awesome features, especially when you see the additional superior mounted mini segway LED lights on the stylish fenders. These provide additional lighting, style jazz, swag, juice and electric mini segway respect!

The self balancing technology makes riding easy! There are onboard computers reading your position, self balancing both individual pedals for maximum stability. Simply turn on, place one foot onto the electric handsfree segway and wait for the green light. The green light indicates that the built in cpu has balanced the electric scooter for you. At this point, it’s safe to place your foot onto the second pedal. Congratulations, you’re good to ride! If you’re worried, just hold onto a chair or table, something you can grab if you freak out. It’s like riding a bike, but easier. You’ll learn how to ride a mini segway in under five minutes, you got this champ!

The battery life of the Skque mini segway hoverboard provides a 158W with a AC110-220V 50-60Hz capacity. The long battery life doesn’t mean it will take long to charge, a full charge can be achieved in as little as one to two hours.

The eight inch wheels provide a comfortable, smooth and low to the ground ride for improved stability and safety. The combined 500W electric motor mini segway provides an impressively fast acceleration that feels seamless with the self balancing onboard CPUs. The top speed reaches 6.2 MPH, that’s 10KM for your reference.

Alright, it’s quick, stable and charges quickly. It attracts and entertains while keeping you stable even if you’re turning 360 degrees. The future handsfree mini segway by Skque even breaks smoothly. We’re sorry if this is sappy, but we really loved our experience with the Skque two wheel auto balancing electric scooter.

If you’re heavier set this is the hoverboard for you, the metal chassis can withstand a max load of 120KG (264LB). You don’t have to be small to enjoy the multi-color leds on Skque.


tons of lights, which are high quality LEDs; mutliple colors and lights are available for your choosing.

Metal Chassis
This mini segway has a metal chassis supporting the most weight on the hoverboard market.

Strong Battery
Excellent battery life combined with fast charging makes us happy, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied.

Wireless Remote Control
We loved the remote control, the ergonomic convenience makes it even easier to enjoy.


Built-In Speaker
This plays sound outloud which could cause others to become quite jealous.


Hoverboard Reviews takes pride in providing unbiased reviews of the best mini segway hands free electric scooters online. What’s our opinion? We loved it. Skque did a marvelous job taking the mini segway to the next level. The lights, remote, built-in speaker and bluetooth capability truly differentiates Skque above the competition. If you’re interested in seeing the best price for Skque, click here.

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