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Updated on January 16th, 2016

The Educated Mini Segway Shopper List

You have probably heard about or seen Hoverboard Segways before. Lately they have been all over social media and are on the top of everyone’s present list. What makes mini segways so great is that they have made the high end advanced technology present within full size segways with handlebars available at a price that is accessible to regular folks. Hands free segways have also made a transition from a personal transportation device to a fashion statement. Simply put, two wheel self balancing scooters are the most hip way to get around and draw more attention than anything else on the road.

If you are looking to buy a self-balancing scooter or just wondering what is the best mini-segway, it may be difficult to distinguish between different models. All versions work on similar principles but contain subtle differences in regards to price, construction, available features, and specifications.

Below we have assembled a list of the 25 best self balancing scooters for sale today. We will highlight the best features of each model and hopefully help you narrow down your choice of scooter to purchase. Compare each model against each by referencing our comparison chart. This article is brought to you by the team at Hoverboard Reviews.

Product name View Product Available Colors Wheel Size (Diameter) Weight Capacity Remote Activated Bluetooth Enabled Product Weight Maximum Speed HR Score Charge Time Driving Range
RioRand Jump to Product Black, Red, White 8 inches 220 Lbs 27 Lbs 10 mph 4 stars 2 hours 10 miles
HoverBeats Jump to Product Black/Red, Black, White 8 inches 220 Lbs 24 Lbs 10 mph 5 stars 1.5 - 2 hours 12.5 miles
Spaceboard Jump to Product Candy Apple Red, Chrome Mirror, Metallic Gold, Wet Black 8 inches 325 Lbs 26 Lbs 12-16 mph 4.8 stars 1 - 2 hours 10-12 miles
CoolReall™ Jump to Product Black, Blue, Red, White 6.5 inches 265 Lbs 26 Lbs 12 mph 4.3 stars 2 hours 10-12 miles
EROVER Jump to Product Bluesky, White, Blue-2, Green, Red, Black-1, Blue-1, Gold-1, Red-1, White-1 6.5 inches 265 Lbs 30 Lbs 15 mph 3.5 stars 1 hour 11-16 miles
ForTech Jump to Product Black, White-1, Blue, Black-Q, Black-5, Blue-Q, Green, Red, Red-Q, White, White-Q, White-5 8 inches 265 Lbs 22 Lbs 15 mph 4 stars 1 hour 11-16 miles
Skque® 8" Jump to Product Black, White, Green, Red, Blue 8 inches 264 Lbs 26 Lbs 6.2 mph 4.4 stars 1 - 2 hours 12 - 15 miles
Skque® 10" Jump to Product Graffiti Style, Black, Paint Splatter Style, Blue, Burgundy, Carbon Fiber Style, Flaming Red, Red, Red Carbon Fiber Style, White 10 inches 264 Lbs 26 Lbs 10 mph 3.5 stars 1 - 2 hours 12- 15 miles
WONFAST® Jump to Product Black 8 inches 265 Lbs 22 Lbs 10 mph 4.4 stars 2 - 3 hours 12 miles
MonoRover R2 Jump to Product Black, White 7 inches 220 Lbs 22 Lbs 12 mph 4 stars 2 - 3 hours 11-16 miles
Ihome520 Jump to Product Black, Red, Blue, White 10 inches 265 Lbs 30 Lbs 15 mph 4 stars 4 hours 12-13 miles
SUOKU Jump to Product Doodle, Lightning, Black, Blue, Fire Flame, Red, Street Dance 10.6 inches 265 Lbs 30 Lbs 15 mph 5 start 2 - 3 hours 9 - 12 miles
LOCAS® W1 Jump to Product Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, White 6.5 inches 220 Lbs 26 Lbs 10 mph 3.4 stars 1 - 2 hours 10 miles
CHIC SmartC2 Jump to Product Camo Green, Camo Red 6.7 inches 220 Lbs 22.5 Lbs 12 mph 3.5 stars 1 - 2 hours 8 - 12 miles
HoverBoost Jump to Product Pink, Green, Gold, Black 6.5 inches 265 Lbs 26 Lbs 18 mph 5 stars 1 - 2 hours 10-12 miles
YoloDecks Jump to Product Black, White 6.5 inches 220 Lbs 26 Lbs 15 mph 4.8 start 2 hours 12.5 miles
Smart Jump to Product Yellow, Black/Red, White/Red, Green, Orange, Matte Black, Black, Blue, Gold, Red, White 6.7 inches 265 Lbs 22.5 Lbs 15 mph 3.4 stars 1 - 2 hours 10 - 15 miles
Smart Gear X1 Jump to Product Red, Black, White 7 inches 220 Lbs 22 Lbs 10 mph 4.4 stars 1 - 2 hours 12.5 miles
Spaceboard Jump to Product Candy Apple Red, Chrome Mirror, Metallic Gold, Wet Black 8 inches 325 Lbs 26 Lbs 12-16 mph 4.9 stars 1 - 2 hours 10 - 12 miles
Monster Wheel M3 Jump to Product Black & Yellow 6.7 inches 265 Lbs 24 Lbs 10 mph 4 start 2 - 3 hours 8 - 12 miles
CHIC SmartC2 Camouflage Jump to Product Camo Green, Camo Red 6.7 inches 220 Lbs 22.5 Lbs 10 mph 3.5 stars 1 - 2 hours 8 - 10 miles
Meteor Rides Jump to Product Red, Blue, White, Black 8 inches 220 Lbs 26 Lbs 16 mph 4 stars 1 - 2 hours 13 miles
Swagway X1 Jump to Product Black, Blue, White, Bright Red, Green, Midnight Garnet 6.5 inches 220 Lbs 26.1 Lbs 10 mph 4.2 stars 1 - 2 hours 20 miles
Olike Ce Msds Jump to Product Carbon Black, Blood Red, Steel Blue, Blizzard White 8 inches 265 Lbs 26 Lbs 10 mph 5 stars 2-3 hours 12 miles
SJF BRAND Jump to Product White/Blue 7 inches 260 Lbs 29 Lbs 16 mph 5 stars 2 hours 14 miles

#25 RioRand

Balancing Electric Scooter Skateboard


Lets start the list by showcasing one the more accessible segways for sale. This model is one of the most purchased balance boards and comes in at a great price. In addition, there is lot of positive reviews on the manufacturer’s page. The HR rating indicates that people have been very satisfied with their purchase. If you are looking to get your feet wet and buy a cheap hoverboard, this may the product for you.

The RioRand Balancing Electric Scooter operates using the same principles as other models, by just shifting your weight, but does not offer some of the premium features that make the Segway more enjoyable and easy to use. For example Bluetooth is not available on this device, meaning that you will not be able to listen to music through your Segway with wheels. A remote or a case is also not included. Blue LED lights come standard and illuminate the way in front of you at night. The LED lights are a nice hue of blue and do a great job of catching attention as well as serving their purpose. Color selection is limited but if you like how it looks don’t worry that you’re getting something that’s bottom shelf. You will be happy with your purchase.

#24 HoverBeats

Bluetooth Speaker Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter


Alright, next up we got something different. Are you looking to get a mini Segway scooter that is unique and unlike anything that even enthusiasts have seen so far. If so, the HoverBeats scooter is for you. This hoverboard Segway stands out in multiple ways. The color palate on the foot rests and the body is sweet. The combination of black and red is sure to catch a few looks. If that is not enough, how about two tone led lights, featured not only on the front, but the sides, and even on top. How much more could you ask for. Not only will you see where you are going at night, you will be more visible riding this two-wheel scooter compared to other designs we have seen. The combination of blue and green lights looks dope.

We haven’t even mentioned the best part! The HoverBeats comes with built in speakers. Yes that’s right, if you have a Bluetooth capable device such as an Iphone or Android phone, you could have the ability to connect the 2 wheel scooter up to your phone and broadcast yourself to the masses. This version of two wheel self balancing scooter is great for self motivated business man promoting their business or anyone that wants to listen to their music on blast. Premium features command a premium price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

#23 Spaceboard

Electric Self Balancing 2 Wheel Scooter Hoverboard Bluetooth Speaker with Remote Control and Bag


Know anyone who loves a great present and loves looking in the mirror? Let me show you this balance scooter. This is the most unique finish / color combination that we have come across. The most popular finish on this kind of Segway is chrome mirror, but Spaceboard is also available in four great colors like metallic gold, candy apple red, and wet black. One of the most common complaints that people have with electric hoverboards is that they scratch up easily. We found that the chrome finish on this electric scooter was very resistant to dings and road rash.

This version felt like it was made with premium materials and it shows. One of our favorite features, the built in Bluetooth speakers also makes an appearance in this balance scooter. The sound quality is great with pleasant high notes and deep booming bass notes. The spaceboard gets points originality and checks all the boxes. The solid built quality is also reflected in the maximum weight capacity for this device. If you are on the heavier side and would still like to buy your own scooter, don’t look elsewhere. The max weight limit is 325 pounds.

#22 CoolReall

Self Balancing Scooter Personal Transporter


The CoolReall balance scooter makes use of the original scooter design but makes it affordable at an amazing price point. This type of Segway was my original purchase and introduction to the world of personal transportation devices and I can personally vouch for the quality and reliability. With this variety you are not getting all the bells and whistles of some of the newer features but what you do get is time tested technology that is reliable and user friendly.

The specification that stands out the most for this scooter is the battery. The 4.4 Amp batteries are made by Samsung and have not failed us to date. The device charges in an impressive 2 hours or less and just needs to be plugged into a standard wall outlet. The best part is that you will be able to enjoy the Coolreall personal transporter for driving range of up to 12 miles. To put that in perspective, that is the length of the average commute distance around the country. You could take your Segway board to work, charge it on your paid time, and take it back home. I did just that and saved tons of money on transportation costs, allowing me to spend my money on things that matter most to me.

#21 Erover

Two Wheels Personal Adult Transporter


The Erover hoverboard segway is a great entry to the list and definitely deserves to be mentioned. Hoverboard Reviews has done a full review of this type of scooter and we were thoroughly impressed with the speed that you can gather. While testing this electric Segway we were able to clock the velocity at an impressive 15 km/h. To give you an idea of how fast that is, most people walk at around 4-5 km/h. You can get from place to place on this thing in a breeze. Make sure to wear a helmet as at that speed you can get hurt, don’t ask how I know. Also keep in mind that it is up to you how fast you want to travel. If you just want to cruise down the boardwalk at an easy pace you have the option to do that.

Self-balancing scooters respond to the pressure you apply with your feet to determine how hard the motors work. A drawback that we identified was that the weight capacity is rated at 220 pounds. If you exceed that weight you may be risking damage to the motors if you ride this version. The good news is that other models are better suited for your needs.

#20 ForTech

Two Wheels Mini Smart Balancing Scooter


This version features advanced self-leveling technology that is available at an amazing price. At the time of making this list, the ForTech was towards the top the sales list, most likely because the price is a steal. The balancing scooter felt amazing in our hands and appeared to be made of the highest quality materials. Compared to some of the other electric scooters for sale, we were thoroughly impressed. The scooter has a weight of approximately 28 pounds or 13 kilograms and is very portable between your stopovers. Adults should have no problem carrying the ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter around the office or home. Children might need some assistance lifting it but that is not often required; after the entire two wheel hoverboard is meant to be driven, not lugged around.

The amount of colors to choose from is also a big bonus. The manufacturer features eleven distinct colors. With such a selection, anyone can pick a coloration that matches his or her personal style and fashion sense. Protective bumpers also come standard with this transportation device. The high-grade rubber bumbers protect your new toy from damage and wear. We suggest you install them as soon as you receive your ForTech to keep it looking good as new.

#19 Skque 8

Smart Two Wheel Self Balaning Electric Scooter 8”


This model is an enthusiast favorite. Some of the things to take note of right from the start is that this balance board Segway features all of the best thing that we love about this amazing personal travel device: Bluetooth speakers, dual LED light, and upsized wheels. The kicker is that although these specifications are available from other select manufactures, the Skque offers them at one of the lowest prices. Bluetooth is great because you can take the party with you. You thought a regular mini Segway drew attention, wait until you get on one that has booted bass speakers built in and bright dual LED light shining like New Years Eve.

All that you need to put your music on blast is a phone, mp3 player, or anything else that can transmit music over Bluetooth. It’s hard to imagine listening to your favourite tunes while traveling at 10 miles per hour, but with the Skque electic scooter you can do just that. Whats most impressive is that the creators of this type of scooter were able to pack that much advanced high-end electronics into such a small package.

#18 Skque 10

Smart Electric Scooter with Bluetooth 10”


One of our personal favorite mini segway scooters is this one. This is the first time on the list that we come to a model that features larger wheels. This type of electric mini two wheel scooter is manufactured with ten inch wheels compared to others that have either six and a half or eight inch wheel sizes. With the increased size the benefit is that the type of the terrain that you can cover is greatly increased.

Regular cheap mini-segways are limited by their wheel size and sometimes have trouble going over large bumps, tall grass, and other non-smooth surfaces. With the 10 inch Skque hoverboard Segway that is not an issue. The big wheels are inflatable and allow you to traverse cracks in concrete, speed bumps, and uneven terrain such as grass or dirt with ease. The inflatable wheels also provide an additional cushion on air to ride on, increasing the comfort and the shock absorption capabilities of the balance scooter. We also should mention the distinctive color palate featured on this hand free transportation device. The graffiti theme is very cool and makes a great statement, definitely unique.

#17 Wonfast

Two Wheels Self Balance Smart Drifting Scooter with Bluetooth


The Wonfast hoverboard is a premium model with bonus features and elegant design. The sleek lines on this version of Segway for sale separate it from the rest. The best-looking color combination available, in our opinion, is the red body on black wheels. Regardless of the color you choose, the advances features on the Wonfast hoverboard Segway are sure to make it an enjoyable experience to own and ride. Bluetooth speakers come standard on this model of electric mini two-wheel scooter. The speakers feature 360-degree sound that sound great with any genre of music. The bass is low and resonant and the treble sounds very balanced and not too high pitched. We suggest using an equalizer on your streaming device to get the most our of this segway scooter speaker.

The Wonfast smart scooter is very maneuverable and has a satisfactory top speed. It will not break any speed records but what it does do well is make quick turns and execute mind-bending spins. The turning angle for this segway board is 0 degrees. You can literally turn on a dime in this thing. This feature is best utilized when the road you’re on is hard to get around or most importantly indoors.

#16 MonoRover R2

Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter


The monorover r2 was one of the first to come on the market and has gathered a small online following. This hoverboard features the original time tested design that performs just as you would expect. The self leveling technology introduced with hoverboard segways utilized two internal gyroscopes to detect your center of mass respond by outputting that information to the wheels to accelerate, decelerate, or execute sharp turns.

The best thing about the monorover is that the battery is long lasting and has a large capacity. On a single charge you can travel up to 20 kilometers. Keep in consideration that the ratings for travel distance put out by the manufactures are dependant on several factors. How far you can travel will depend on how much you weigh, the slope of your terrain, and the speed you travel. The monorover is a great all around choice if you are looking for a present for someone or looking to treat yourself to a new toy or transportation device. One thing that could be of nuisance for some is that the battery takes longer than others to charge. If you need a quick charging device, this is something to consider. Nevertheless if you charge your segway mini scooter overnight this should not be an issue at all.

#15 Ihome520

10 Inch Intelligent Self-Balancing 2-wheeled Drifting Electronic Scooter


The Ihome manages to outperform and outmaneuver the competition by utilizing bigger wheels. This model of balance scooter is fitted with extra large ten inch inflatable wheels that absorb impacts from uneven surfaces and make the riding experience extra comfortable. You will appreciate the increased wheel diameter if your riding route contains many bumps, cracks, or uneven terrain. Another benefit of this feature is that the weight capacity of the hands free Segway is improved in comparison to different competitors. Overloading the motor with excess weight can damage them and reduce efficiency or riding speed. Most other two wheel electric scooters have a maximum rating of around 220 pounts. The Ihome520 can handle up to 264 pounds.

The design of this hoverboard segway is absolutely outstanding. The black on red design with flames embedded in the body of the 2 wheel balance board look on point. The color scheme also goes well with the chrome wheels, which stand out tremendously due the large wheel hub size. Another thing that should be noted is that this thing is fast. Some users have claimed they have gone as fast as 18 kilometers per hour on this electric hoverboard. The weight of the transportation device is a bit high at 16 kilograms but should be manageable for most people.

#14 Suoku

10 inch Smart Self Balancing 2 Wheels Electric Scooter


The Suoku mini-Segway is ideal for individuals seeking to take their balance scooter off-road or ride level ground in extra comfort. The device has a maximum speed of 15 kilometers per hour but expect to go a bit slower when going over obstacles. The climbing angle of the Suoku is an impressive 25 degrees. The powerful motors built into the self-balancing scooter can propel you up steep slopes allowing you to stay on your board and utilize the two-wheeled scooter to its maximum potential. Another important feature that makes this particular mini-segway suited for off road use are the extra textured footpads on the top of the unit. The rubberized footpads keep your feet planted safely on the contact surfaces allowing you to maintain your balance and power the segway.

The Samsung built premium battery on the Suoku self balancing mini segway propels the model for up to 15-25 kilometers on a single charge. While riding it on uneven ground, expect the battery life to be shorter due to more demands on the motor. Nevertheless the battery on this electric hoverboard is long lasting and should not leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere with no battery left to get you home.

#13 Locas W1

2-Wheel Self Balancing Mini Electric Scooter


The Locas balance scooter is an easy to use machine that is also very easy on the yes. At first glance we were attracted to the remarkable neon green color of this device but there is much more to it than meets the eye. The hoveboard segway is fitterd with two 500-Watt motors. The power emanating from these dual motors allow the rider to glide down the street at a maximum pace of around 16 kilometers per hour. At this speed you could be whizzing past people walking down the street or even jogging. The best part is that riding mini segway scooters is so much fun you will not want to get off. The long battery life on this model also ensures that you will not have to get off often as it can last for trips of up to 16 kilometers.

Riding the Locas W1 2-wheel self-balancing mini scooter is very simple but it may take some practice to begin with. There are no complicated controls or buttons to keep track off. To begin your journey all you have to do is step on with one foot and wait for the green led light on top of the machine to shine. After that you are ready to step on with your other foot and go on your way.

#12 CHIC SmartC2

Camouflage Self Balancing Electric Scooter Crooked Rover with Bag


The CHIC hoverboard segway is a powerful machine that is also sure to turn heads. The manufacturers of this model have used the classic design for mini segways but added their own personal touches to make this version stand out from the rest. One of the things that is sure to impress riders from functional perspective is the integrated rechargeable battery that is included with this balance board segway. Another benefit of purchasing this electric hovoverboard is that it comes shipped with a stylish carrying bag. The bag is well constructed and fits the Chic balancing scooter like a glove. The carrying bag is great to protecting the finish on the segway, caryring it in between riding sessions, and for storage.

The camouflage overlay on this electric hoveboard is also one of a kind. Our reviewers have not seen this type of design available from any other manufacturer. The camouflage print matches great with green or grey clothing and is a fashion statement in itself. The price for this model is a bit more than other mini segways but the performance and appearance of this machine are more than worth it.

#11 TerGing

Two Wheels Smart Self Balance Drifting Scooter Board Electronic Mini Unicycle Transporter


Powerful batteries and motors is the name of the game when we’re talking about the TerGing hand free segway. The battery has a specification of 4.4 amps and we found it to be very long lasting. Although the capacity is very impressive you don’t have to worry about waiting an eternity to charge your new toy. The CHIC SmartC2 has a feature that allows it to quick charge in 30 minutes. A full charge takes a bit longer but if you don’t have time to wait for the segway hoverboard to charge then plug in for half and hour for about half charge and repeat at needed. The battery is also durable. The testing results for the battery indicated that it could last up to 1000 cycles; most likely more than most consumers will ever require. A battery protection feature is also built into the device that ensures that you do not the battery to its minimum charge and potentially damage it. Battery protection is a nice feature that extends the life of the mini two-wheel scooter.

The TerGing is also very low maintenance and made of very durable materials. The device weighs approximately twenty-five pounds and that is mostly due to the fact that high quality premium materials are used throughout. The wheels on this mini segway are one-piece solid rubber that does not need any inflation to keep you going. No need to worry about flat tires and getting stranded without being able to use your personal transportation device.

#10 YoloDecks

Auto Balance Segway


The YoloDecks is one of the most affordance cheap mini-segways on the market today. The price for this segway is hard to beat. We expect that this model will drive the price of other mini segways down and that is great news for everyone. In terms of features you can expect similar things compared other cheap hoverboards. The wheel size for this model is six and half inches. Smaller wheels are more efficient on smooth level terrain but they do not do as good of a job going over bumps and uneven surfaces. If you are planning to use the device indoors on well maintained concrete this should not be a problem but if you want to go over surfaces such as tall grass or dirt, we suggest you look into a balance board that has larger wheels.

The YoloDecks is an awesome choice if you are on a smaller budget and are trying to save money in the long run. As previously mentioned the up front costs of purchasing this transportation device are quite low. The hoverboard with wheels can also be shipped to around the world free of charge, courtesy of the manufacturer. Furthermore the cost of operating the 2-wheel scooter is minimal. The YoloDecks is a functional transportation machine but does not force you to spend money on gasoline or other costly expenses such as insurance and maintenance costs.

#9 Smart

2 Wheel Smart Scooter Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooter


The smart 2 is a new model on the market that boasts an impressive top speed, reduced costs, and environmentally friendly construction. This cheap mini segway is environmentally friendly and very intuitive to use. This particular model is one of the most functional segway designs that provided the ability to get around the office or around town with ease. The weight of this model is very low and makes it very portable and accessible to people of all ages. If you are looking to buy a segway scooter for your child and are worried that other models are way to bulky and heavy, consider the Smart 2 as a great solution to that problem.

The Smart 2 is also one of the best cheap self-balancing scooters on the market today. Unlike other variations of the segway available that can cost over 2000 dollars, this model will not break the bank. Furthermore, the Smart two-wheel balance scooter has a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer. If you encounter any issues or defects with your new toy in the first year of ownership, the comprehensive warranty provides peace of mind. Other models only have a 30-day warranty, unlike this one. Keep an eye on the type of warranty you receive when buying one of these, as it may become an important factor down the line.

#8 Smart Gear X1

Two Wheel Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with LED


The Smart Gear X1 is a sleek looking board that offers powerful motors and whisper quiet operation. The self-balancing technology built into this hoverboard segway uses two gyroscopes to detect your weight and adjust the position and speed of the machine in response. With the help of this technology, the X1 hoverboard is not only super easy to ride but also is virtually noise free when in operation. The premium quality of the Smart Gear electric hoverboard allows amazing rider control and enhanced user experience.

This amazing transportation device can be used virtually anywhere you would like to go. You can use it to travel to your office, go shopping, get from class to class, or just go out and have fun riding the hands free Segway itself. The motors in this unit appear to be very silent in operation compared to other models. Moreover the motors are very powerful and have no issues propelling you to a high speed and up steep hills. If you are looking to buy one these technology wonders, make you do your research and buy one that is durable and reliable as the Smart Gear X1. The quality of the mini Segway you purchase matters not only for longevity but also for performance.

#7 Spaceboard

Electric Self-Balancing 2 Wheel Scooter Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker Remote


The spaceboard by mini segway is stunning to look at and offers very cool and innovative features that elevate is above the competition. First of all the metallic gold color on this version of scooter is just beautiful. The color reflects ambient light and hides any scratched that may otherwise become visible with other cheap segways for sale. In addition the LED light on the top and front of the device work with this color scheme. This is definitely the best self-balancing scooter if you have right fashion sense to pull it off and want to get attention while you are using your personal transporter.

One of the best features of the Spaceboard balancing scooter is that it is fitted with premium speakers that are able to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. By connecting your phone or mp3 player to the electric hoveboard you’re able to play your favorite music right from your device. How cool is that! In addition this board is water resistant. You can ride it through puddles or even in the rain and not worry about damaging the speakers or the motor. A remote is also included with the machine that lets you control the functions of the mini segway and lock the wheels of the balance board so no one except you can use it.

#6 Monster Wheel

Original Monster M3


The monster wheel original monster M3 is a double wheel self balancing scooter that is a perfect choice for use indoors or other smooth surfaces. It is amazing how east and intuitive to ride the Smart M3 is. The footpads on this model of hoverboard segway are pressure sensitive. The weight sensitive foot rests in combination with the dual gyroscopes and motherboard anticipate the weight distribution of your body and respond by self balancing the device and moving you in the direction that you want to go. After you are able to get the hang of operating this machine, it becomes almost like walking. The Monster Wheel M3 is a great choice for people of all ages, young or old.

The weight capacity of this version of two wheel balancing scooter is an impressive 265 pounds. The high weight limit is a testament to the build quality of this transporter. Unlike other electric hoverboards that are restrictive in terms of the weight of the rider they are able to accommodate, the Monster M3 is great for people of all sizes. Even if you are not near the weight limit for this device, a higher weight capacity means that the motors have to be less stain. This translates to longer lifetime for the device and a higher top end speed.

#5 Chic SmartC2

Pink Camouflage Self Leveling Electric Scooter


Chic electric mini two wheel scooters make a second appearance on our list with this entry. We were very impressed with the green camo version and the same thing holds true for the Pink Camouflage version of this versatile transportation device. This cheap hoverboard is one of the most popular gadgets for sale online in 2015 and for good reason. The SmartC2 has appeared on college campuses and has been spotted in use by some of the biggest celebrities in the world. The Chic electric segway with wheels is basically a segway without the handles. The absence of handles allows them to go places previous genecations of scooters were unable to go and makes them that much more portable and efficient.

This small and portable self-leveling leveling mini segway is a great buy despite the great value. The durable construction and the one-piece solid non-inflatable tires allow it to absorb every shock and vibration that you may encounter. The ride is smooth, economical, and practical. Reviews for the Chic SmartC2 in pink camouflage have been overly positive. General feedback has stated that owners are delighted with the performance and appearance of this unit.

#4 Meteor Rides

Two Wheel Self Balance Electric Scooter


Meteor rides automatic balancing electric scooter is sure to make a splash this year within the handsfree segway marketplace with its striking design and extremely powerful motor. This device uses two 700-Watt high performance direct drive motors that unique to this model. The speed that you can achieve while riding this high performance transportation machine is mind bending at times. The feeling of riding this thing as its maximum speed is hard to describe until you experience it. Just remember to stay safe by wearing personal protective equipment if you try to ride really fast and be mindful of others on the road.

The LED lights on the Meteor Rides 2 wheel balance board are very bright effective for their purpose. The high efficiency LED illumination makes you visible to other traffic on the road and also makes any obstacles on the road in front of you clearly obvious so you are able to steer clear. A powerful Samsung lithium ion battery delivers excellent performance while powering the lights and motors. Charging the device is a breeze with the included outlet charger. The battery is always ready to perform for long distance trips of high-speed runs.

#3 Swagway X1

Electric Balancing Scooter


The swagway X1 is immensely popular with online buyers. It offers great value, impressive riding characteristics, and a stylized appearance. The mini segway hoverboard is available in four different colors including red, black, white, and gold. This model is on the list of best sellers. The X1 Swagway offers tremendous value to the features that are available. The user reviews that have come in all reinforce the fact that this is a great little toy and transportation tool. The average review rating for this hoverboard segway is a positive four out of five stars.

The swagway is a great choice for adults and children. The lightweight construction and ease of use make it accessible to children. In order to start riding all you have to do it step onto the board and let the onboard computers do all the high-speed calculations for you. The auto leveling technology makes use on the built in advanced gyroscopes to magically balance you. The foot sensors respond to the position of your feet and your weight. Shift your weight towards the front and the 2-wheel segway will accelerate in that direction. Turning is also very intuitive. All you have to do is shift one foot more than the other and the board will follow.

#2 Olike Ce MSDS

Two Wheel Smart Balance Electric Scooter with Remote


The Olike mini segway is an advanced model of hands free segway that improves on the original design and offers very versatile and user-friendly features. This version of the mini-segway delivers Bluetooth capability at the lowest price point available today. With the waterproof and dust proof speaker construction you can easily connect your capable music device to the hansfree hoverboard and enjoy listening to your musical soundtrack all without any wires. The low pride of this cheap mini segway does not compromise the build quality or the sound quality. We found that the volume was more than adequate with crisp low bass notes and tremendous treble performance.

The Olike Ce 2 wheel balance board is also the cheapest mini hoverboard that offers wireless remote functionality. With the included remote you are able to turn the device on and off as well as control the Bluetooth functionality. Most impressively and importantly, the remote provides security features to the device that are not present with most other models. The wireless remote allows you to lock the hoverboard segway, rendering it unresponsive until you unlock it with the remote. With this functionality you can leave your balance scooter out of sight and not worry that someone will ride it away as it wont work until you press the button once more.

#1 SJF Brand

Bluetooth Speaker Smart Balance Hover Board Electric Scooter


We are at the end of our list and the last item does not disappoint. The SJF smart balance wheel is a beautiful two tone color scooter that is also available with Bluetooth integrated speakers and battery powered remote control. The device also includes a carrying bag for your convenience. This is the cheapest mini-Segway that offers that particular feature. The carrying bag and the scooter itself are made of die cast premium plastics and metallic components that assure that the product will be long lasting and durable. The included charger has a quick charge feature that can get the battery up to fifty percent charge in only half an hour. A full charge capacity can be achieve in an hour and a half or so.

There is so much to like about the SJF brand Bluetooth capable balance board segway. It is environmentally friendly, easy to ride, fun to use, and it beautiful to look at. The combination of the white body, blue footpads, and green LED lights makes it visually striking. This model is one of the best electric auto balancing scooters that you can buy and it costs over one thousand dollars less then it’s competitors. In addition the warranty is standard for one year. The SJF is tough and durable. The finish on this version resists scratches and the auto-balancing scooter does not break easily.

What hoverboard segway should I buy?

Self Balancing Scooter Buying Advice

Self Balancing Scooters, Hoverboard Scooters or Hoverboard Segway, as they are popularly known as, are a common sight in many schools and colleges across North America. If you’re curious about what they are and wondering if you should buy one, either for yourself or for your kids, you’ve come to the right place. Here we cover self balancing scooter reviews, we tell you what a self balancing scooter is; discuss their unique features and reveal the factors that must be considered while buying one of these unique machines.

Hoverboard Segway Review:

What is a Self Balance Scooter?

A self balancing scooter is an automatic balancing rover with 2 wheels, which allows the user to move as though they are riding a Segway – the difference being, with these scooters, you only use your feet to control the device. The technology on which these scooters are based on is largely borrowed from the modern Segway, except that these scooters are smaller and can be carried over the shoulder, making them very convenient, portable, and affordable.

These mini segways, as they are popularly called, have been featured by all major media outlets and are the vehicle of choice of YouTube celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Casey Neistat, and Tmartn. They are considered hip, modern and cool and guaranteed to get you a plenty of attention, should you choose to ride it to work or school


The self balanced scooter is one of the most popular products out there and it is spreading like wildfire in universities and schools across the country. A lot of people - kids, college students, tech professionals, sales guys, young women - are eager to know more about these amazing gadgets. Many have already bought mini Segways and can be seen going to school, work or to the nearest Starbucks on them.

2 Wheel Scooter Review:

How do you use a balance scooter?

These self balancing scooters can reach a top speed of up to 15 miles per hour and are ruggedly built. They are capable of withstanding a plenty of hits and crashes and can take a lot of punishment. To accelerate, apply pressure with the front of your feet. There are a couple of driver motors within the wheels that can be controlled by the feet, which allow for quick and easy turns, smooth braking, rotation, besides acceleration. These scooters weigh around 22 pounds, and are definitely not light, but can be carried over the shoulder.

Next in this Hoverboard Segway Review, we discuss how to make sure that you buy the right self balancing scooter, considering there are so many different models available.

Different types of hoverboard segways:

How to Select the Right Balancing Scooter

There are a number of factors to be considered when choosing the right Hoverboard Segway such as total degrees for cornering, battery capacity, top speed, scooter safety, ease of use, the weight of the scooter and so on. Let’s find out more about them.

The board is made from hard plastic and the device itself is controlled by four different sensors, two sensors under each foot. The sensors start working once you step on the board with both feet and find your balance. Some mini Segways come with fancy LED lights, balance indicator and battery indicator. In fact, there are some models that come with a built in Bluetooth speaker and a remote to control the direction. While the bells and whistles may differ from one model to another, the design, weight restrictions, speed and battery power remain the same, for the most part.

There are several models of self balancing scooters out there, and there are many differences from one model to the next. The various models of hands free segway may differ in price, maximum speed, weight, and available features that come with each device. Should you buy mini segway belonging to an entry level model? Generally, the entry level model costs just under $300 and goes up to a top speed of 8-12 miles per hour. Premium hoverboards generally have a higher top speed and can be had with advanced features such as bluetooth speakers, larger wheels, and a wireless remote control.

Hoverboard Turning Radius:

How well do hoverboards turn?

When riding these scooters, you want the roads to be as straight as possible. But that’s not always the case. You’ll have to negotiate a plenty of corners before reaching your destination. That’s why it is important that any self balancing scooter you buy takes a minimal number of degrees for cornering. The total degrees for cornering taken by your mini-Segway should be as low as possible.

Hoverboard Climbing Angle:

Can you ride a hoverboard segway up hill?

One of the hardest things to do when you’re riding these scooters is to ride uphill. The scooter should be able to climb easily, otherwise it really is of no use to you. You want your scooter to climb as much as possible. Self balancing boards use powerful motors to allow you to travel at high speeds in addition to being able to go up steep surfaces without having to get off your segway scooter. Smart electric scooters can climb slopes that are up to 15 degrees. You want to consider the power of the motors and the climbing ability of the hoverboard before you purchase it to ensure that you will be able to ride it easily in your neighbourhood.

Mini Segway Top Speed:

How fast does a hoverboard go?

Speed is an important consideration. Most Hoverboard Segways give you a top speed of up to 12 MPH, which is quite fast. You really don’t want a top speed higher than that, especially on a busy street. But you don’t want your scooter to be slow either. When riding at top speed, be sure to have adequate protection.

When you ride the mini Segway on a flat road, it feels like you are flying, but really you would only be going at a jogging pace of 10 to 15 miles. So the device is safe, provided you are sufficiently alert when riding it. It is also important to know that you can control how fast you go on the level board by controlling the pressure on the sensor pads. If you want to go faster apply more pressure. If you just want to go for a cruise on your hoverboard, apply light pressure in the desired direction and be on your way comfortably.

Self balancing scooter battery:

How long does the hoverboard battery last?

The last thing you want is for the batteries to run out and for the scooter to lose power in the midway to your destination. That’s why you should buy a scooter with high battery capacity, the more the better. You’ll need low battery protection as well.

It takes 1 to 2 hours to charge a mini Segway and it can cover a maximum distance of 15 miles on a single recharge. This may not be much, but if your commute to work or college is short, then taking the self balancing scooter along makes sense.

Hoverboard Safety:

Are mini segways safe?

The scooter should have a dual balancing system to ensure your safety. But that’s not enough. You should wear proper protective gear as well. Wearing a helmet is a must while riding these scooters. Several models of hoverboards also come with speed protection and several modes of difficulty to suit the needs of differently abled riders. In the amateur mode, the speed will be limited to protect the rider. For those more experienced, advanced riders, the professional mode3 will allow you to take full advantage of everything that the hoverboard segway has to offer.

You may find it hard to get the balance right at the start if you are a clumsy person by nature. But with a bit of practice you will be sure to get the hang of the device. Riding a self balancing scooter is very intuitive - in fact, before long you will find yourself accelerating at top speed on the road. Kids learn riding self balancing scooters much faster than adults because of their more adaptive nature.

Ease of Use:

Are hoverboards easy to ride?

Ease of use is an important consideration while selecting the right balancing scooter. You can start riding these scooters quite comfortably with just an hour or two of practice. They operate in a highly intuitive way and you should be able to get used to them in no time at all.

2 Wheel Scooters are great for people of all ages. The intuitive hands free controls for mini segways make it very accessible and fun to use. There are no pedals or buttons that you have to use to start moving the board. Simply step on the scooter board one foot at a time and allow the self balancing technology within the electric scooter to take you wherever you want to go. It is that simple.

Hoverboard Maximum Weight Capacity:

Am I too heavy to ride a hoverboard segway?

The device itself weighs 22 to 26 pounds and is 2 feet long. Most 2 wheel hoverboards can carry a maximum weight of 220 pounds, but some can carry more. Consult our hoverboard comparison chart at the top of this page to determine what board is sturdy enough for your weight. Now, there are actually a very few people who weigh more than 220 pounds, so this should not be a factor. Hoverboard segways travel better on smooth surfaces and are much easier to handle on flat roads, although you can ride them uphill and downhill as well, with a bit of practice.

A self balancing scooter should not be too light or too heavy. If the scooter is too heavy, controlling it may be hard. If too light, it may not be strong enough to withstand much punishment – a couple of knocks and that would be the end of it. You should look for self balancing scooters that weigh between 20 to 22 pounds – that’s the ideal weight for them.

Hope this Hoverboard Segway Review was fun and informative for you. We look forward to your comments and suggestions, so keep them coming!

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