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Investigation by Hoverboard Reviews

Posted on October 3rd, 2015

The Investigation:

No matter what the device or product is, there are always drawbacks to buying the used ones. The possibilities can range from a defective battery, hardware, or a multitude of problems with various internal and external components. Furthermore, if the device’s function is based on any software then chances are it will not working well either.The same principles apply to mini segways.

Handsfree segways are based on the latest technology. These smart scooters can be used for various daily tasks like travelling to work, visiting friends, going to the mall and more. Once you learn to ride it becomes obvious that you will prefer to go everywhere on this scooter instead of walking. As a result of their regular and excessive use, these electronic devices can develop certain problems.

Most people that prefer to buy mini segway second hand choose to do so mainly for the reason of reduced cost. When buying your handsfree segway consider for a moment that if you are looking to buy your segway used the seller may be wanting to get rid of it for a reason. Often times there are hidden defects present in used mini-segways that may not be apparent at first glance. Here are some reasons and examples describing why buying used mini segways is not always a great idea:

  • Mini segways rely on a rechargeable battery to power the internal components and the build in motors. Over time the cycles of charging and discharging the hoverboard reduce the performance and battery life of the hoverboard.
  • Electric segway scooters have specific weight specifications that they can support. If the weight of the previous owner exceeds the stated specifications the internal components and built in motors can become damaged and perform worse over time. In the case you find a used segway for sale and buy it, it is likely that you will not be aware of this fault and the performance of your hoverboard segway will decrease over time.
  • New two wheel self balancing mini segways are not always free of fault or defects but they come with great warranties that will cover you in case anything goes wrong. Used mini segways are not covered by the same warranties and if it breaks or is defective the manufacturer will not be able to help you with repairs.
  • It is apparent that once mini-segways become damaged, they will not work as well before even after extensive repair. People selling their hands free segways know this fact and put their used segways for sale. Salesmen will not usually reveal defects present with their hoverboards as it would be difficult to sell a product that doesn't work as intended. Alternatively, the seller may not even be aware that something is wrong with their used mini-segway.
  • Riding the mini-segway is extremely easy and you can master it in just 20-30 minutes if you try. But if the seller is not aware of all its features and doesn't know how it works they may damage the device. Being the first owner is beneficial because you know what use and abuse you put your hoverboard through, allowing you to be comfortable with owning it and relying on it for day to day transportation.
  • Every electronic or mechanical device has a lifespan up to which it will work efficiently and after that there is no guarantee. A person can ride this smart scooter 50 km a day or only 10 km depending on their needs. It is difficult to determine how long the used segway for sale has been used for. Buying a second hand scooter does not guarantee that you will get the best performance and the longevity that new hoverboard segways offer.

Chances are that the second hand device you purchase will not work efficiently. Sure, the price may be attractive but it won’t last long and the lack of warranty can lead to some unforeseen associated costs. If you desire peace of mind and want to know for sure that you are getting what you paid for, we suggest buying your mini segway new. If you are concerned about price, there are many models available that can be purchased on a lower budget. Check out our hoverboard segway reviews to find the lowest price mini segways.


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