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WONFAST Two Wheels Self Balance Smart Drifting Scooter Electronic Mini Segway with LED Light and Bluetooth

HOVERBOARD.REVIEWS Official Product Review of The WONFAST electric scooter hoverboard segway.


This article will focus on the latest two wheel self-balancing electric scooter from the company WONFAST. This premium product boasts an impressive array of features that is sure to please all levels of fun-seeking scooter enthusiasts alike.

This review will provide an unbiased and detailed description of all the features of the WONFAST two wheel mini hands free segway and outline the things we love about it and what could be improved.

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WONFAST Features:

Large Capacity Battery:

The battery compartment in this new generation of electric real hoverboard contains an impressive and reliable 36 Volt (V) 4.4 Amp (AH) battery. What these numbers mean is that you will be able to enjoy riding this mini segway for up to 20 km or about 12.5 miles on level ground on a single charge. That’s seriously impressive.

Durable Rubber Tires:

The tires on this model of motorised mini-segway is made of a durable and reliable material. The combination of two 250 Watt motors in the products and the sturdy treaded wheels means that the WONFAST Self-Balancing Hoverboard can be operated both indoors and outdoors at an exhilarating speed.

Battery Indicator Light and LED Lighting:

This electric smart balancing mini scooter comes loaded with bright and beautiful LEDs throughout. The top of the WONFAST mini-segway scooter contains an intelligent diamond shaped LED indicator that tells you how much charge you have left on your battery. The front of the scooter also shines with bright LED lights to illuminate your way in low light conditions and catch the envious eye of anyone looking.


This electric scooter looks classy and cool at the same time. Currently the WONFAST® Self-Balancing Scooter is available in two colours: classic black and outrageous red. The wheels of the scooter are two toned, with the center hub of the wheel matching the color of the scooter body.

The products features premium products on the body of the self balancing segway and wheels. The foot rests are made of a durable and dirt resistant rubber that is sure to keep you planted on the hoverboard and keep you safe. In addition the power button to turn the scooter on is made of metal. The button is easy to press and the metal is a nice touch.

Owner Response:

This model from WONFAST is an exciting new and version of mini-segways from WONFAST so few owners of the self-balancing scooter have not had a chance to comment on the use of the segway.

With that said the owner reviews that are present have stated that new mini-segway buyers have enjoyed this product. No one electric scooter is perfect for everyone and we will discus the good and bad aspects of the products next.


  • Large capacity battery allows you to enjoy your ride for up to 20 km on a flat surface.
  • Powerful dual 250-watt motors get the scooter to a speed of up to 10 km an hour depending on the size and weight of the rider.
  • A 30 degree riding angle means that you can ride this self leveling scooter up on greater slopes and hills compared to some of the alternatives.
  • The WONFAST scooter has a lighting quick charge time of only 2-3 hours. This fast charging time means that you can easily charge your hoverboard overnight or even while taking a break from rolling on your new scooter.
  • LED lights on the segway are not only bright but also very convenient. The front facing LED lights shine on the road in front of you keeping you safe and aware.
  • The intelligent LED light display on top of the scooter show you how much charge you have left allowing you to plan your trips accordingly and prevent you from being stranded with no power.
  • Zero turn radius on the self leveling scooter allow you to turn on a dime and ride the scooter to any place you desire, including riding indoors.


  • Although the product should be able to accommodate most riders, the weight limit on this WONFAST scooter is 120 kg or 264 lbs.
  • The LED lights on the front scooter are bright and awesome, but we wish the back of the two wheel mini-scooter was also illuminated to up the cool factor and keep everyone looking while you pass them on your scooter

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The WONFAST Self-Balancing Scooter is a great choice for new and experienced mini-segway riders who are looking for a premium looking and performing personal scooter.

The large battery capacity and powerful motors will keep you riding for longer at a speed that you will love. The products is made of premium materials, fitted with bright LED lights throught, and will catch the attention of everyone around you.

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